Training Workshop and Seminar TIB

October, 21, 2003

Azerbaijan, Baku, Institute of Physics,

National Academy of Sciences


INASP (The International Network For the Availability Of Scientific Publications) - is a cooperative network of partners whose aim is to enhance workwide access to information and knowledge. The Network has three immediate objectives:

  • to map, support and strengthen existing activities promoting access to and dissemination of scientific and scholarly information and knowledge
  • to identify, encourage and support new initiatives that will increase local publication and general access to high quality scientific and scolarly information;
  • to promote in-country capacity building in information production, organisation, access and dissemination.

INASP web-site:

PERI (Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information) was developed throughout 1999/2000 with research partners and librarians in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the New Independent States to support information production, access and dissemination, utilising the new Information and Communication Technologies

Peri web-site:

INTAS is an independent International Association formed by the European Community, European Union's Member States and like minded countries acting to preserve and promote the valuable scientific potential of the NIS partner countries through East-West Scientific co-operation.

INTAS web-site:

INTAS E-library Action

In December 2001, INTAS commenced the funding of an e-library action dedicated to providing access to scientific literature for NIS researchers, based on electronic delivery. This action is open to 11 of the NIS partner countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Two organisations are currently implementing the e-library action for INTAS: INASP (UK) and TIB/University of Hannover (Germany). Each organisation has been allocated a set of NIS (see below "E-library access") and work with a network of national libraries and scientific institutions, in the countries they are responsible for, to ensure as broad an access to the information as possible.


Both TIB and INASP offer training to libraries in the NIS, in order to ensure effective operation of the system and to benefit a maximum number of users.

  • INASP offers a workshop on “Electronic Resources” for those countries allocated to them. INASP also organizes in each of the 11 NIS a training workshop on “Using the internet”. The training material is available on the INASP page at or on their Russian page at
  • TIB carries out training activities for explaining and promoting the e-library in the NIS countries allocated to them.