The magnetic properties of iron nanoparticles of different sizes are studied in the present work. Magnetic saturation (Ms), self-magnetization (Msp), magnetic moment (m0), magnetic permeability (µ), magnetic susceptibility (χ) of iron nanoparticles with sizes D=0.665nm, D=4nm and D=20.16nm are calculated using nanoparticle sizes. Magnetic properties of massive iron are used in calculations. The results of the calculations show that iron nanoparticles with sizes larger than 20 nm behave like a ferromagnetic material.

Received: 27.01.2021



The compound of magnetic semiconductor of Cu3Ni0.5Se2 composition is synthesized. The parameters of low-temperature phase are determined and the structural-phase transitions are investigated by high-temperature X-ray diffraction method. It is established that synthesized Cu3Ni0.5Se2 is two-phase one at room temperature and it consists of rhombohedral and cubic phases with parameters а=4,321Å, с=20,620Å and а=11,841Å correspondingly. It is determined that the rhombohedral phase disappears and cubic superlatice saves in temperature interval 293<Т<773 К at Т=462±3К in two-phase system. At temperature Т=665К the cubic superlatice transforms into cubic subcell with parameters а=5,94 Å,V=209.58 Å3, Fm3m, Z=4.

Received: 04.02.2021

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