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      Power Engineering, 2002, 3

    Veliyev L.Kh-M. From a scientific treasury of Nizami Ganjavi. 3  
    Effatnejad R., Shayanfar H.A. Electrical energy demand model by neural network method. 9  
    Wishtibeev A.V. About transition necessity of networks from 6 to 35 ŕÔ on a mode of resistive grounding of the neutral. 17  
    Farhadzade E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z., Nikjoy A.D. The method of calculation of durability ­arameters of electroinstallations elements at growing speed of their deterioration. 25  
    Abdulrahmanov K.A. Methods of calculation of distance controlled asynchronous electrical drive with determined abnormal voltages and loads. 33  
    Mustafayev R.I., Mironov G.A., Mironov R.G. Frequency quality in limited power systems. 41  
    Hashimov A.M., Gumbatov S.G., Ahmet Nayir. Transmission of electrical energy by round superconducting waveguide. 50  
    Abbasov Sh.M. Tensometrical properties of volumetric crystals of germanium-silicon solid solutions irradiated by fast electrons. 57  
    Alekperova Sh., Gajiyeva G., Akhmedov I., Abdul-zade N. Current conducting mechanism and negative resistance N- and S-types in the Al-Al2O3-Ag tunnel structure. 61  
    Mejidov A.B., Muradov R.M., Aliyev I.M. The dark conductivity and optical absorption in Ga2Se2 films. 69  
    Najafov B.A., Mursakulov N.N. The optical properties of the hydrogenated amorphous films of solid solution a- Ge0,85Si 0,15:H for the solar energy converters. 74  
    Kalbaliyev F.I., Mamedova D.P., Sultanov R.A., Tavakuli D. Heat transfer in vertical coil at super critical presures toluol. 82  
    Naziyev Y. M., Talibov M. A., Aliyev A. D. Investigation the isobaric heat capacity of some └zerbaijan grapes product. 88  
    Isayev G.I., Mamedov F.Kh., Akhmedov P.M., Ramazanova S.D. Study of the heat conductivity of the graphite-copper-fenolformaldehyde mixture. 92  
    Gasanov V.H. The research of metanol-toluol binaries mixtures density at high pressures. 96  
    Mamedov F.Q., Muradov P.C. Matematical model of packet data communications in a network computer . 101  
    Quliyev H.M. Defination feed cofficient of the hermetic compressors with volumetical ˝ompression by mathematical experiment method. 105  
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