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      Power Engineering, 2003, 2

    Anniversary. The president of Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev-80. 3  
    Pirverdiyev E.S. Reforms in the state power supply system at its development. 5  
    Ramasanov K.N. Politics of independent Azerbaijan in the power engineering. 9  
    Yusifov N. A. Some issues concerning the preparation of azerbaijan energy system for the work with the foreign market. 15  
    Manusov V.Z., Pavlyuchenko D.A. Optimal location of phase shifters by genetic algorithms. 19  
    Gasanova S.I., Hashimov A.M., Dmitriyev Y.V., Pivchik I.R. Suppression of ferriresonance and cumulative overvoltages in switching centres by weak-nonlinear resistors. 26  
    Wishtibeev A.V. The dependence of the mode parameters of transient resistance values at the point of the ground fault in the air lines. 35  
    Farhadzade E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z., Nikdjou A.. Accuracy estimations parameters distribution extreme meanings deterioration elements electro installations. 43  
    Kalbaliyev F.I., Ramazanova Z.E., Tagirov R.L. Effect of Baku central Thermo Power Station 1 Equiped with gas energy turbines on the work of Azerenerji Joint Stock Venture. 51  
    Kerimov M.K., Abbasov Sh.M., Aqaverdiyeva Q.T., Baychar A.S., Luchik H.Y. The structure and the main electrophysical features of thin layers of Ge(1-X)Si Soiled solution. 60  
    Gurbanov K.B., Kerimov G.M. An analysis of the adsorption processes occurring at the electric discharges action. 68  
    Babayev Y. N., Sadikhov F. M., Mamedov S. G. Interaction in 2III 3 BIV systems. 73  
    Ghanbari E. Planning, management and case studies of geothermal activity in Azerbaijan (Ardebil area)s. 78  
    Yusubov Ch.A. Numerecal determination of dynamic processes in gas pipelines. 84  
    Nizamov T.I. Electromagnetic processing on the thyristor of ultrasonic frequency converter voltage. 88  
    amedov F.I., Ddshv R.B., Askerova .. To a problem of advancing of the two dimensional electromagnetic converter. 94  
    Hassanov Z.A., Aliev E.S., Vesirov F.K. Calculation of tension regulator with voltadditional transformer. 98  
    Muradova R.A. Researches of some methods of deposit of ferromagnetic particles in dissimilar fields. 104  
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