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      Power Engineering, 2003, 5

    To President of the Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev. 3  
    Veliyev L.Kh-M. From a scientific treasury of Nizami Ganjavi. 4  
    Ustun S.V., Demirtas M. Modelling PI controlled induction motor by using artificial neural networks. 10  
    Mustafayev R.I., Mironov G.A., Mironov R.G. Seasonal consumption reactive power by municipal loading. 19  
    Yusifov N. A. Express-method of evaluation of power system stability. 28  
    Êelbaliyev R.F. The work of thermal electrical stations at the partial loads and at of the sliding initial pressures. 36  
    Hashimov A.M., Jafarova F.Sh. Research of the adsorptive gas dehydration process at effect of electric discharges. 44  
    Gasanov I.S., Huseynov E.K.,.Salmanov V.M, Agaeva A.A. Peculiarities of electrical explosion of conductors in a liquid. 48  
    Aliyev A.A. The electret properties of polymer mixtures. 53  
    Mamedov N.A., Sadikhzade G.M., Jabarov J.N., Alekberov Sh.Sh. About frequency dependence of producing of ozone generators with double barrier discharge. 58  
    Abdullayev R., Shenturk Sh., Oskirim I., Kuchukbursa A. Investigation of correlation functions for laser’s having longitudinal mode. 62  
    Akhmedova L.A., Babayev A.M. Heat conductivity of Li2SO4-Zn(NO3)2-H2O system at 293-573K. 67  
    Aleskerov G.A. The method of effective softening of water by chemical method for thermal nets. 70  
    Rzayev P.F. Abbasova F.A. Mamedov F.F.Design of solar collectors for annual heating and not water supply of the houses in the villages. 77  
    Tagi-Zade F.N., Askerova Å.N., Agamaliyev Z.Z. The calculation programs of the technology processes. The definition on phase condition of fuel crude. 85  
    Hasanov H.B. Loqikal approaches to determination of addition to thesalary of workers of the power industry for the workinq at niqht and eveninq hours. 94  
    Mardanov M.A., Ganbarov G.M. Definition of temperature conductivity factors of external protecting constructions by frequency methods. 99  
    Sadigov G.S., Orujov N.I. Increase of selectivity of relay protection from short circuit on ground by means of bipolar current pulses of an industrial frequency. 102  
    Seidaliyev I. M. Definition of accuracy characteristics of electromechanical travel converter. 110  
    Hajiyev Ya.Z., Abdullayev N.M., Aliyev M. A. Salvaging of a heat deaerated for rises of heat power efficiency of systems an air conditioning. 116  
    Anniversary – Docent Abdurrahmanov Mirali Ibragim. 121  
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