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      Power Engineering, 2004, 3

    Yusifbeyli N.└., Guseynov └. M. The issues for ensuring mode reliability of Azerbaijan and Iranian power grid`s parallel synchronous operation. 3  
    Alexey V. Wishtibeev The analysis of protection of the generator-transformer unit against ground fault. 16  
    Hasanova S.I., Dmitriyev Y.V., Akhmedov Kh.M. Efficiency of use of multi-processor computation systems for ferroresonance and cumulative processes. 26  
    Mamedyarov.O.S, Gaibov J.S. The training computer system on electric circuits analysis. 33  
    Farhadzadeh E.M., Huseynov A.G., Mamedzadeh P.R. Electricdrive of feed control regulator. 40  
    Aliyev Y. A. Numerical method of calculation of dynamic processes in the drill pipe string by rotary drillings. 43  
    Hashimov A.M., Tabatabaei N.M., Mehdizadeh R.N. About environmental cleanness of thermal electrical plants. 54  
    Hasanov M.A. Tertiary sewage clearing at effect of the electric discharge. 58  
    Shakhtakhtinski T.I., Nabiyeva A.Kh. About role of inhibitors in delaying of electric insulating oils aging. 62  
    Mamedov N.A., Davudov B.B., Dashdamirov K.M., Sdikh-zade G.M., Jabadov J.N., Alekberov Sh.Sh. Studying influence frequency of main voltage to mode of operation of active elements of multiple-unit ozone generators. 66  
    Mustafaeva S.N. Frequency-dependent dielectric coefficients of lithium -intercalated TlGaS2 single crystals. 70  
    Bayramov N.M. Intensification of heat dissipation at boiling in area near-critical pressure. 76  
    Godjaev E.M., Kerimov E.Q., Guseynov M.A. Experimental research of heat conductivity of sebacinats depending on temperaturň. 80  
    Dadasheva O.O. Research of the technological circuit two-level reverse osmosis desalination waters of the caspian sea. 86  
    Bashirov M.M. Generalization of experimental isobaric heat capacity values of binary solutions of monoatomic alcohols. 94  
    Safarov J. Ď., Najafov G.N., Shahverdiyev └. N. Pressure dependence of CACL2 + H2O solution at the varoius molyares. 98  
    Askerov SH.Q., Agaev M.N, Hasanov M.Q., Orujov V.A., Huseynov N.A. Dependence of efficiency of silicon solar elements from barrier height p-n junction. 105  
    Rzaev P.F., Abbasova F.A., Mammedov F.F. Design of solar collectors for annual heating and hot water supply of the houses in the villages. 109  
    Abbasov G.A., Javadova M.M., Mehdiyeva S.I. Construction of commutators on the base of decoders. 116  
    Seidaliev I. M. Definition of electromechanical rigidity of the converter of movings and its Influence on the error target signal. 119  
    Abdalov Sh.I. Universal mathematical models of frequency dividers. 125  
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