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      Power Engineering, 2005, 4

    Veliyev .Kh-M. From a scientific treasury of Nizami. 3  
    Mammadyarov O. S. Quality of electric power in rules of the usage electric power. 9  
    Gouseynov A.M., Akhundov B.S., Garadagi A.E. Estimation of Azerbaijan power system`s distributed generation texnical efficiency. 18  
    Farhadzadeh E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z., Rafiyeva T.K. Imitatial modeling of condition the power block. 23  
    Ramazanov N.K. Early diagnostic method of electric machines by physical processes function. 32  
    Babayeva N.R. Suppression of the high-frequency over-voltages at hv power networks and equipments. 40  
    Mufidzada N.A., Megherbi M., Otmane-Cherif T., Guermah S. Study of the passage of impulse surge voltage waves from one winding to another in transformers. 48  
    Akhundov I.Sh. About application of methods of an artificial intellect for detection of the incorrect data in loadings of units at accounts of the established modes of electrical networks. 63  
    Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei, Ahad Gharemohammadi. Ion based development of capacity and stability in HVDC Power Networks. 70  
    Ibraqimov Q.Sh. Updating of water chemistry schedule of combined-cycle plant-400 steam boiler. 79  
    Agamaliyev M.M., Ismayilova D.A., Mamedbekova R.G., Djavadova X.A. Research of conditions of loss calsium adjournment at reverse osmoses desalination saltish waters Apsheron. 82  
    Mammadov N.A., Garibov G.I., Alekberov Sh.Sh. Some aspects of influence of the electric discharge and ozone on water. 91  
    Mammadov A.I. Piezoelectric properties of polymer composite dielectrics. 95  
    Babayev S.S. Automatization of the fuel energy resources (FER) account on the basis of existing account devices stock. 102  
    Shayanfar H.A., Kazemi A., Karami M. SVM-Based hysteresis power controller by using direct power control for dstatcom in order to voltage flicker mitigation. 110  
    Hashimov A.M. Protection from ferroresonance and high frequency overvoltages in the high voltage and ultrahigh voltage electric networks. 117  
    Nasibov V.Kh. Construction of characteristics of hydroelectric power station of system "└zerenergy" and their operative correction. 124  
    Mustafayev A.F. Synthesis method of stochastic optimal regulator for stabilization of position of floating drilling installations in conditions of Caspian Sea. 129  
    Akhoundova M.M., Akhoundov R.F., Pashaeva S.Y., Huseynova S.A. Inverter with improved output voltage. 134  
    Mammadov F.F., Rzayev P.F. Thermal - energetic analysis of heat exchanger in parabolic trough solar energetic plant (PTSEP) according to experimental results. 138  
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