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      Power Engineering, 2007, 4

    Academician Ch.M.Juvarli – 95 3  
    Ramazanov K.H., Salimova A.K. About the problem of regulation of the graphic of consumer load 4  
    Mustafayev R.I., Saidov R.A., Hassanova L.H. Development to three-phase mathematical model of the anisochronous motor 11  
    Guseynov As.M., GaradagI A.E. Adjustment compatiibility investigation of operating in complex power system the different types of automatic excitation control (AEC) 19  
    Yusifbeyli N.A., Nasibov V.X., Alizade R.R. Some peculiarities of determination the primary reserve in Azerbaijan power system in the light of modern requirements 27  
    Muradaliyev A.Z. Simulation analysis of indexes joint estates of power block . 35  
    Isayev G.I., Tagiyeva Z.Q., Mamedov Sh.H., Eyyubova K.S., Ramazanova S.D. Guideline for estimation of heat exchange intensity in down flow movement of liquid 41  
    Ibrahimov H. Sh. Prevention of carbonate scale on the cooling surface of the heat exchangers 46  
    Kosmodamianskiy V.E., Babayev A.M., Mamedova A.M. About the treatment of saline water by the Sodium -Chlorine-Ionizing method 53  
    Hashimov A.M, Gasanov M.A., Djavadov N.F., Bondyakov A.S. Activation of bentonitic clay by high-voltage pulse discharge 57  
    Aliyev M.M., Zelenkova Y.A. Role of surface specificity of oxide dielectric on holdfast characteristics of barrier electrical discharge 61  
    Gurbanov E.D., Bondyakov A.S., Muradova R.A. Pulsed breakdown of solid dielectrics 71  
    Aliev A.A. Electret condition in polymer and polymeric mixture 74  
    Mustafayev R.I., Hassanova L.H., Zeynalov R.B. Wind power characteristics determination of the most perspective apsheron zones after the example of pirallakhchi island 82  
    Sultanova K.D., Rzayev P.F., Mustafayeva R.M. The helium-gasification of biomass into hydrogen and hydrogen-containing gases 86  
    Huseynov Ak. M. Evaluation of degree of different factors influence on synchronous dynamic stability electrical power system (EPS) 91  
    A.M., Åfåndiyev O.Z., Màmådov A.I., Àzizov R.R. The numerical method of simulation of transients prosesses of the consequent transfer conditions of oil production main product conductors 103  
    Mamedzade R.K. Increasing of efficiency of eqreipment used during earthing of LPT 117  
    Mamedov H.A., Zeynalova N.S. Management the electric drive large-sized latches at occurrence åmergencies 121  
    Karimov A.M., Agayev A.D., Ganjaev N.E. Protection of power cables against stray earth currents for increase their service life 127  
    Balametov A.B., Halilov E.D., Isaeva T.M., Ilyasov.O., Isaev M.Z. Experimental researches of influence chugging nonlinear loading on electric power quality on the high-voltage substation 130  
    Saidov R.A. Economical effect of using the new protect and switching device for submersible motor 139  
    Aliyev A. F. Ecologically perfect technology of chemical clearing of power stations wastewater 144  
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