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Information for Authors


Article should be presented to journal AJP “Fizika” in the pdf-format in the following form and for convenience

of authors will be published in that form in which it will be sent. All authors necessarily should observe following rules:


Paper format - А4

• left, right, top and bottom margins - 2
• text interval - 2

Font - Times New Roman

• The title of article - 12, bold
• Authors (initials, surname), link to the Organization immediately after the last name on the next - 12, bold
• Name of the organization, location, and address - 12, italic, normal
• Abstract - 9, normal
• PACs - 9, normal
• Keywords - 9, normal
• Text - 10, normal
• Captions for pictures - 9, normal
• Text in table - 9, normal


Authors (initials, surname) - 10, italic
Journal, year, number, volume, pages (beginning-end) - 10, normal



Intervals locations

empty line
the next line - the title of the article (may take up several lines) - center
new line - the list of co-authors (may take a few lines) - center
new line - Name of the organization, location, and address - center
empty line
new line - text of Abstract - justify
new line - PAC’s (bold):  PAC’s numbers (normal) -  left
new line - Keywords (bold) - left
empty line
new line - The article text - justify
empty line
new line - Line (best underscore, normal) - center
new line - The literature (the name of section is not necessary), numbering in the form of: for example: [1.], [12.], …. (each link on a new line) - justify

* Before picture and the table an empty line - justify
** Under picture the captions, then an empty line
*** The name of the table is written in a separate line before the table. After the table the empty line
**** The writing of the text of article or the captions to picture on the right or at the left picture (or tables) is not supposed

Text of article


Two-columned - distance between columns 0.5 sm,
If formulas are not located in line, transition to the one-columned writing of the formula with the subsequent

transition again to a two-columned format of article is supposed. In a similar way for pictures and tables.

If picture contains the fine details disappearing at the sizes of a two-columned arrangement, transition

to the one-columned mode with the subsequent return also is possible - justify

Pictures and tables are numbered by through numbering, color, the size of a column. Position in the

text – in the seat defined by the author of article. The size of picture it (is desirable) – on width of a column.
Space of the paragraph - 1sm
Pictures Color. Located in the text of article in place on the author - on the center of a column
Tables Located in the text of article in place on the author - on the center of a column
Literature Two-columned, distance between columns 0.5sm
Numbering of links in the test of article and in the literature: see above, to make automatic.

Distance from number of the link up to its beginning – 1sm - left
Numbering of pages There are no -  Is edited by
The number of sheets - It is not limited (it is defined only by the size of a pdf-file)

*For authors of articles from third parties, necessarily accompanying document is permission to publish.
** After delivery of article all rights to printing and duplication of article are passed editions of journal

AJP “Fizika”. Text of articles can also be adjusted to the date of the end of receiving articles, but does

not return the text back. The pdf (or docx) file should be well readable and of high quality, to obtain high-quality printing.
The articles should be sending by e-mail:
Pdf (or docx) file size paper should not exceed 10MByte.

The language of Journal is English.


The example of the article


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