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Azerbaijan, Baku, 21 - 25 October, 2013

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Baku is the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is a large scientific, cultural and industrial center. Ancient foundations, a large area and population all make Baku one of the oldest and largest cities in the East. People have lived and founded their settlements in Baku city and the Absheron peninsula since ancient times. This was motivated by continuous migrations from north to south and from west to east due to the physical and geographical conditions, a f avorable location in the center of trade routes that crossed Silk Road, climatic conditions, production of petroleum fuel in ancient times and the availability of large power resources. Baku was first mentioned in the Book of the D ead by the Egyptian Pharaoh Minesan in 3,500 BC.The ancientage of Baku is also evidenced by stone carvings dating back to 12,000 years ago and archeological excavations. Another important piece of evidence is a stone carving by August Guy Octavio, who reflected the stationing of a military camp under the rule of the Roman emperors Pompey and Lucius near Baku (40 km to the south) for the purposes of seizing the southern Caucasus in the 1st century BC. This means that Baku is nearly 5,500 years old. Baku was one of the main cities in the Shirvanshakhs State in the12th century, in the Sefevids State in the 14th century, and became the capital of the Baku khanate in the 17th century. Baku is situated on the shore of the Caspian Sea in the south of the Absheron peninsula. It covers an area of 2,200 km2 and has a population of 2 million. Baku has 11 administrative districts and 5 settlements. Baku has many popular tourist and entertainment spots, such as the downtownFountains Square, Maiden Tower, Carpet Museum,International Mugham Centre, National Academic Theatre, Opera & Ballet theatre, Shirvanshah’s Palace and Oil Rocks. Baku's vicinities feature Yanar Dag, an ever-blazing spot of natural gas. The city has many amenities that offer a wide range of cultural activities, drawing both from a rich local dramatic portfolio and an international repertoire. It also boasts many museums such as Baku Museum of Modern Art and Azerbaijan State Museum of History, most notably featuring historical artifacts and art. Among Baku's prestigious cultural venues are Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall, Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. The main movie theatre is Azerbaijan Cinema and Park Cinema, Festivals include the Baku International Film Festival, Baku International Jazz Festival, Novruz Festival, Gül Bayramı (Flower Festival) and the National Theater Festival.

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