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      Power Engineering, 2003, 3

    Sadigov Sh.M. Perspectives on the development of infrastructural spheres of economy of the Azerbaijan Republic. 3  
    Sadigov Sh.M. Problems in heat energy production in the Azerbaijan Republic. 14  
    Hashimov A.M., Mufidzada N.A., Chaibi R., Guermah S. Impulse surge voltages in transformer windings in the use of different grounding means of the primary neutral. 20  
    Farxadzade E.M., Guliyev G.B. Capacity and energy of distortion in single-phase circuits with linear loading. 15  
    Rakhmanov N.R., Yusifov N.A., Kuliyeva S.T., Meshkin I.B. Using an artificial neural network for short term forecasting of the power system load and fuel expense. 37  
    Hasanli Sh.M., Ismaylov D.M., Mehdizadeh R.N., Bayramov Kh.B., Bondyakov A.S. Interrelation between electric and structural parameters of varistors on basis îêñèäà of zinc with impurity. 45  
    Dzhafarov E.S. Study of domain structure of macromolecules by the radioisotope’s method. 51  
    Agayev Z. F., Arasly D. G., Aliev S.A, IR- radiation thermo magnetic detectors. 57  
    Feyziyev I.G. Paths of drop of charge alkali for regeneration anionit filters. 67  
    Mamedova S.G.Physical model of carry of heat in heat-exchanger coil pipes at supercritical pressure carbohydrates. 73  
    Azizov N. J., Aliyev N.Ì. The thermal coefficients of partial and apparent molar volumes of sodium sulphate in aqueous solutions. 78  
    Àbdinov A.Sh., Babayeva R.F., Ismailov R.M., Rzayev R.M. To a question on an opportunity of increase of reproducibility of the parameters and characteristics of solar converters on the basis of À3B6 layered crystals. 83  
    Zamanova E.N., Yolchiyev M.N., Iskenderov S.O. The cell of memory keeping the information at failures in a feed. 87  
    Mustafayev R.I., Mironov R.G.The daily diagrams of loading and regime parameters. 90  
    Nizamov T.I. The analysis of electromagnetic processes in a towing hydrolocator antenna power supply channel. 100  
    Senol I., Demirtas M.,Rustemov S. Obtaining optimal sliding surface slope by using genetic algorithms at sliding mode controller applied to induction motor. 104  
    Akin, M., Klymik M.K., Arserim M.A. Classification of eeg signals’ spectrum with using neural networks. 98  
    Shakhverdiyev A.N., Gasanov V.G. About scientific creativity of professor Yashar Naziyev (to the 70th anniversary). 117  
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