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      Power Engineering, 2003, 4

    Veliyev L.Kh-M. From a scientific treasury of Nizami Ganjavi. 3  
    Yusifov N. A. Automated system of the operative and technological department as a distributional hierarchical system. 8  
    Hasanov H.B. Concerning some approaches to the acceptance of economic desisions. 17  
    Farhadov Z.I. The system of automatic control of reactive power in the electrosupply system of enterprises. 22  
    Suleymanli L.E. Definition of electricity transmission lines’ limiting length on stability. 28  
    Kalbaliyev F. I., Rzayev M. A., Bayramov N. M. Load distribution between power units at thermal power plants. 32  
    Hashimov À.̀., Kasumov N.A., Mammadov N.A., Alieva N.Sh., Martyanov R.S. Research of fluctuations in physical and biological objects. 36  
    Mohammad-Hussein M. Hekmat-Shoar, Mehdiyeva S.I., Akberov H.K. Gasanova N.A. Electro-acoustic effect in selenic p-n heterojunctions. 43  
    Aliyev A.A. A collapse of polymer mixtures in field of few additions of one of the components under the electrical discharges influence. 46  
    Hasanov Kh.G., Aliyev A.A. Effect of acoustic radiation on electric resistance of liquids. 52  
    Veliyev Z.A., Hasanov KH. A. The influence of the heating and mutual drag of the electron-phonon system on the propagation of the lowfrequency electromagnetic waves in nondegenerate semiconductors. 59  
    Taqieva Z.Q. Temperature mode of vertical smooth pipes at the compelled movement of hydrocarbons. 65  
    Mamedova S.G. Physical aspects of process of boiling at forced flow of fluid in a tube. 70  
    Askerov Sh.Q., Agaev M.N., Hasanov M.Q., Aslanov Sh.S., Orujov V.A., Huseynov N.A. Photosensivity of silicon solar elements. 74  
    Talishinskiy R.I., Gasanova L.G., Gulizade R.R. Prospects of solar electric power development in Azerbaijan. 77  
    Rzaev P.F., Abbasova F.A., Mamedov F.F. Use of solar energy for heating of village houses (Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan Avtonomous Republic). 84  
    Safarov J.T. Sensitivity and dynamic analysis of solar heating systems in cold regions. 90  
    Hossein Fatehi. Managing system of urban solid waste using multi-criteria decision-making methods. 95  
    Muradov P.C., Huseynov Z.H. Comparison of information paths of date transfer. 106  
    Klimenko B.V. TT-system: foreign exotic or real necessity? 110  
    Rakhmanov R.N. Selection and control of reactive power by static compensators in electric arc furnace power supply networks. 115  
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