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      Power Engineering, 2004, 2

    Veliyev L.Kh-M. From a scientific treasure of Nizami Ganjavi. 3  
    Mogilenko A.V. The problem of decreasing of electric power losses in modern conditions. 9  
    Mohammad-Hussein M. Hekmat-Shoar, Mustafaeva S.N., Mehdizadeh R.N. Polarization mechanism of TlInSe2 single crystal in dc – electric field. 12  
    Gurbanov K.B., Burziyev R.S., Azizova Sh.M. Change of physical properties of polymeric dielectrics under the conditions of partial discharges effect. 17  
    Mursalov T.M., Mamedov N.A., Alekberov Sh.Sh. Calculation of electronic structure of the ìolecule phenol. 22  
    Ibragimova H.S., Ràmazanîv M.A., Abasîv S. A. Change of electrical durability of compositions în the basis of polymers and piezoceramic after processing under action of an electrical field. 26  
    Nuriyev K.Z. Investigation of probability of multicharged ions formation in the ions source with electronic impact. 30  
    Hashimov A.M., Jafarova F.Sh. Research of corona discharge effect to the adsorbability of some liquids. 35  
    Abdinov A.Sh., Babaeva R.F., Rzaev R.M., Eyvazova G.Kh. Electrical properties of isotype heterojunctions n-InSe /n-CuInSe2. 37  
    Ragimov D.A., Tagiyev Z.A., Aliyev T.A. Theoretical interpretation of datum with highpolar dielectrics in the radiofrequency band. 45  
    Karamat Nasirzadeh, Roghaiyeh Ravash. Electrical conductance of some sodium and potassium salts in methanol at 25°C. 55  
    Kerimov M.K., Abbasov Sh.M., Abbasov Sh.I., Ibrahimova R.A., Baysar R.I. The realization of the technology of filamentary crystal’s generation by the mathematical modelling method. 60  
    Mamedov F.I., Ragimov I.N. The two-dimensional sensor for control systems of machine tools. 64  
    Abbasov G.A., Javadova M.M., Mehdiyeva S.I. Constuction of the logistic element “I” using diodes, based on compound semiconductors. 68  
    Asadov Kh.G., Aliyev M.M., Mamedov Sh.Kh.Some theoretical questions of optimal construction of measuring system for registration of electromagnetic radiation. 71  
    Abdulkadirov A.I., Mustafayev R.I. Damping of oscillations of synchronous machines under resonance character changing of load. 75  
    Agayev A.D., Guliyev Z.A., Abdullayev A.K. “Azerenerji” substations grounding connection failure analyses and its prevention. 80  
    Aliyev Ya.A. Numerical method of calculation of transient processes in the electric drive of oil well drilling. 85  
    Ganbarov G.M. Frequency methods of definition of heat exchange factor on the internal surface of external protecting constructions. 89  
    Ahmet Kolip, Ahmet Fevzi Savas, Mehmet Bahat. Mathematical modelling of mass balances of different proportion in a cement factory. 91  
    Muradova R.A. Electrotechnical complexes for electromagnetic clearing technological liquids and gases. 101  
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