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      Power Engineering, 2007, 2

    Ramazanov K.N., Salimova A.K., Alizade R.R. Improvement of power system effectiveness by regulating load-graphs 3  
    Hashimov A.M., Lazimov T.M., Imanov S.V. On counting arc resistance in circuit-breakers while simulating switching processes 13  
    Farhadzadeh E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z., Farzaliyev J.Z. The supervision of the significance of indications of the assessment individual reliability of power-generating units 17  
    Balametov A.B., Halilov E.D., Isaeva T.M. Design procedure of the allowable contribution of the consumer in deterioration parameters of electric power quality. 24  
    Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei., Leila Zeini, Ata Fakhri. A survey of new tehchnologies in a modern ems 33  
    Kazemi A., Amini A. Lead-lag sssc based controller for stabilization of frequency oscillations in multi-area power system. 40  
    Kerimov A.M., Aqayev A.D., Bayramov M.R. Increase of reliability of steel support used on sea oil fields 49  
    Hasanov Q.A. Electric calculations in long lines at non-stationary arc processes by the method of integrated conversions 56  
    Mehdizadeh R.N. Electrodischarge modifying of dielectric and composite materials in technological processes 61  
    Hasanov E.R., Aliyev B.Z. Energy radiation of impurity semiconductor with two types of the charge carriers 72  
    Dashdamirov M.K., Maherramov À., Aliev I.I. About the role of dissolved gases and impurity radicals during the radiative modifying of electret properties of polymers 76  
    Mammadov F.F., Salamov O.M., Garibov A.A. Heat-power engineering calculation of tubular solar reactor and heat transfer system of solar power plant on the experimental results 84  
    Kazimzade R.Z., Veliyeva T.D. The software of automation designing optimum are of synchronous machines of loading units 95  
    Pashayev A.M., Åfåndiyev O.Z., Màmådov A.I., Àzizov R.R. The numerical method of simulation of transients prosesses of the consequent transfer conditions of oil production main product conductors 101  
    Bagirov S.M., Nasirov Sh.N. Definition parameters of electric power distributive schemes in electrical supply system along the Azerbaijan state railway 117  
    Quliyev S. F., Gadzhibalayev N.M. An investigation of magnetic field of synchronized asynchronous machine 121  
    Mamedov F.I., Dadashova R.B., Hasanova U.R. About the question of the study of conversional device with portioned parameter 125  
    Saidov R.A. Experimental researches of the submersible electric motors in three- and single-phase condenser operating modes 132  
    Mamedov N. Y., Aliev B. O. Analysis power effective of parameters of building with effective utilization of energy 138  
    Kerimov A.A., Afanov R.R. Characteristics, relating parameters of behaviors of roaming currents 144  
    Mamedov A.I., Aliyev E.Y. Numerical method of calculation of transient processes in the oil piplelines with of pump 150  
    Khalilov C. S., Aliyev V. T. Safety regulations for operation of power plants and heating systems’ thermal mechanical facilities 157  
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