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      Power Engineering, 2008, 2-3

    Academician Kerimov Mahmud Kerim ogli - 60 years 3  
    Ramazanov K.N., Salimova A.K. Increasing the efficiency of power system by the management of demand for power consumption 4  
    Rahmanov N.R., Zeraatparvar A., Kerimov O.Z. Transformer nonlinearity model, estimation of its impact on current distortion in supplied network 14  
    Balametov A.B., Halilov E.D., Ismaylov E.D. About necessity of the account for optimisation models of the electric power wholesale market features 23  
    Farhadzadeh E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z., Farzaliyev Y.Z., Abdullayeva S.A. The problem on the assessment of the functional characteristics of indexes reliability plants EES 32  
    Safarova T.X., Abdullayeva S.A. Models for the assessment of residual operational life of cutouts 38  
    Salimova A.K. Structure of electric energy demand and its change dynamics 42  
    Khalilov .D. About results of application artificial neural network for calculations of the established modes of electric networks 48  
    Ahmedova S.T. Evolutionary programming approach for estimation of optimal load flow in energy system 55  
    Zarbiyeva N.F. About indemnification of reactive power in distributive electric networks in modern conditions 61  
    Ibrahimov H.Sh., Aliyev Y.G.,Ismailzadeh M.F. Results of the reverse-osmosis water treatment plant operation with the using of well water and desalting Caspian sea water by the reverse-osmosis method 68  
    Suleymanov Y.M. Design and improving methods for heavy oil combustion in power boilers 74  
    Aliyev A.F. The application of anionic filters alkaline drainage for washing of power station regenerative air heater 80  
    Hashimov A.M., Huseynov G.J., Gurbanov K.B., Muradova R.A. Efficient method of industrial wastewater purification 84  
    Hasanli Sh.M., Harirchi F. Influence of impurities on electrophysical characteristics of the ZnO- based varistors 92  
    Barudov S., Barudov E. The discharge control system 96  
    Safiyev E.S., Rahimli I.N., Rzayeva S.V. Environmental problems of electric power engineering 101  
    Mammadov F.I., Huseynov R.A., Ahmedova A.Sh. Investigation a magnetic system of electromagnetic type two -tacts vibroexciter 107  
    Abdullayev Ya.R., Kerimzade G.S., Mamedova G.V. The development of control electromechanical devices with levitation screens 112  
    Hasanov Z.A., Vezirov F.Kh., Kasimov S.K. Asynchronous motor speed range regulation device 117  
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