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      Power Engineering, 2009, 1

    Ramazanov K.N., Salimova A.K. The ways increasing the kriteries level of consumers’ electricity securety through the managing of consumption 3  
    Farhadzadeh E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z., Rafiyeva T.K, Ismayilova S.M. Prediction the time of originating failure condition of power transformers 12  
    Balametov A.B., Khalilov E.D. About application of neural networks at calculations of the established modes of electric networks 20  
    Alizade R.R. Influence of the reservation generating powers on the level of the prime cost to electric šowers in Azerbaijan Power System 30  
    Kerimov A.M., Ismaylova G.G. Experimental determination of electrodrainage circuits parameters 36  
    Hamidov G.I. Researches of efficiency transfer of the non-uniform traffic on corporate multiservice networks 41  
    Ibrahimov H.Sh. Method of determination of mono-ethylene-glycol concentration and correction of it and of nitrite in the operate cooling liquid for gas engines at the packaged (module) power plants 44  
    Mehdizadeh R.N., Bondyakov A.S., Kazumov Sh.A. Numerical simulation of cathode streamer in pulse discharge 49  
    Kurbanov E.D. Influence of gas gap parameters on discharge zone of nanosecond pulsed discharge in air 55  
    Muradov A.H. The contact of high ohmic semiconductor probe with the positive column plasma of a discharge in neon gas 59  
    Ramazanov M.A. Photoluminescence in polymers and nanocomposite on their basis 64  
    Azizova Sh.M. Electrophysical properties of the composite polymer-ZnO processed by gas electrical discharge 72  
    Huseynova G.A. Technological particularities of the cable and compressor oils development 77  
    Veliyev S.I. Studying of microcracks formation in strained polymers by the IR method 86  
    Zulfuqarov E.I. Thermo e.m.f. thermomaqnetic e.m.f. in the electron and iirradiated solid solutions of CdXHg1XTe at low temperature 90  
    Salmanova A.A. Photoconductivity and luminescence of crystals of sulfide gallium at laser excitation 107  
    Rzayev P.F., Salmanova F.A., Yusupov I.M. Yield calculation of wind-driven aggregates of low capacities (1.5-4.0kW) used together with solar water heater for supplying country houses by hot water 112  
    Nabiyev N.D. Temperature dependence denisty of geothermal energy resources in the Khachmaz district of Azerbaijan 119  
    Abdulkadirov T.A. Excitation systems of synchronized asynchronous machine 123  
    Kerimov O.Z., Aliyeva M.V., Mustafayeva R.F, Yashilov T.I. Voltage quality in typical office building equipped with PC and some other office equipment 130  
    Reza Effatnejad , Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei. Mininmum energy performance standard (MEPS) in process of wood panels production in Iran 138  
    Anniversary - Academician Hashimov Arif Mamed oglu 144  
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