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      Power Engineering, 2006, 1-2

    Veliyev .Kh-M. From a scientific treasury of Nizami Ganjavi. 3  
    Ramazanov K.N. Steady development and power safety. 9  
    Guseynov A.M., Akhundov B.S. Defining impact of distributed generation on power system’s dynamic stability. 16  
    Mamedyarov O.S., Nasibov V.Kh., Zarbieva N.F., Suleymanli L.E.. Optimum operational mode option of industrial power plant in power system. 21  
    Farhadzadeh E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z., Farzaliyev J.Z. Problem safety of databank about the reliability of equipment and devices EES. 27  
    WishtibeevA.V., Gavrilko A.I. Features of the ferroresonant phenomena in electric networks. 32  
    Balametov A.B., Halilov E.D., Akhundov I.Sh. Development integrated system of monitoring of account the steady-state regime of electric systems. 38  
    Abdulkadirov A.I., Quliyev S.F. Research of commutation process in thyristor starting device of synchronous machine with limited output voltage 47  
    Isayev G.I., Tagiyeva Z.Q., Ramazanova S.D., Eyyubova K.S. About heat exchangE mechanism in supercritical pressure condition of heat carrier 53  
    Ibraqimov Q.S. Flashing of salt inhibited acid condenser pipes by means of “Slack circulation” 59  
    Kosmodamianskiy V.E., Babaev A.M., Mamedova A.M. Reagent processing of an alkaline drain anionit filters chemical desalination waters on PES 63  
    Jabrayilov T.F. The temperature rejime for the water in a tubular system (water pressure lower then critical) 68  
    Bagirov M.A., Aliev A.A.. Influence of electret state on electric properties of polyamide 74  
    Musaeva S.N., Geydarov G.M., Seyidov F.I., Kurbanov M.A. Frequency characteristics of piezocomposite laryngophones 78  
    Hasanov M.A. Electrodischarge treatment of the bentonite clay for clearing wastewater of textile enterprises 82  
    Nuriyev K.Z., Nurubeyli Z.K. Choramato -mass-spectrometric method for survey of energy carrier deposits 86  
    Abdinov A.Sh., Mamedov H.M., Amirova S.I. Electrical and photoelectrical properties of In2O3/Cd0.3Zn0.7S0.8Se0.2/Cu2Se thin film heterojunctions prepared by the method of electrochemical deposition 89  
    Quseynov Y. Y., Shukurova V.D. Transformation of the concentrated sunlight to multilayered photocells 94  
    Qurbanov E.A. Alternative energi in combat against desertification 98  
    Mamedov H., Ali-Zade K., Uyaar Kaan. Extension of the storage battery’s service life by the untraditional operated charge-discharge method 101  
    Mamedov F.G., Rashidalizade T.D. Increases of accuracy of construction of the optimized network 108  
    Asadov S.B., Ragimov E.R., Tatarayev M.T. Distribution of oil pollution on two-dimensional model of the Caspian Sea 114  
    Islamzade Y.A. Water chlorination 121  
    Ìamedov F.I., Ragimov I.N. The determination of parameters of converter of elektromaqnetiú type 124  
    Saidov R.A. Research of operational reliability of submersible electric pump installations by the method of statistical modeling 131  
    Kazemi A., Hafezi H. Power quality improvement with a dynamic voltage restore (DVR) using a series active filter 138  
    Mehtiev B. G. Aliev M.I. The regulation and study of voltage at electric supply by elektro-fraudulent of interphase energy 144  
    Aliyev I.Y. Numerical method calculation of transient processes in the inhomogeneous system of drill papestridu with distributed parameters 148  
    Mammadov E.M. Voltage control in direct current fraction network 154  
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