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      Power Engineering, 2007, 1

    Ramazanov K.N., Salimova A.K. The analysis of the current consumption process and its management opportunities consideration 3  
    Hashimov A.M., Mufidzada N.A., Houassine H., Chaibi R., Guermah S. Protection against impulse surge voltages in dissociated secondaries of 110 kv nominal voltage transformers 9  
    Mustafayev R.I., Rahmanov N.R., Dursun K. Small hydro power, strategy of development: Norwegian experience 20  
    Balametov A.B., Aliyev .., Khalilov .., Mamedov S.Q. About a energy loss evaluation at probable representation of electric loadings diagrams 27  
    Farhadzadeh E.M., Safarova T.X., Muradaliyev A.Z.,. Rafiyeva T.K. Comparative estimation of strategy scheduled repair power block 36  
    Mogilenko A.V. Planning of actions on electric power losses decreasing. Russian experience 41  
    Zarbieva N.F. Graphing probable power consumption power systems 46  
    Rahimov F.A. Transfer of heat on the top and bottom forming surface of horizontal pipe of power of the equipments at supercritical pressure of water 54  
    Abdinov A.Sh., Babaeva R.F., Bagirova A.T., Rzaev R.M., Allahverdiev Sh.A. Electric and capacitance characteristics of solar photoconverters on the basis of anysotypic heterostructures p-GaSe/n-InSe 59  
    Hasanov M.A. Electrical discharge treatment of zeolites for clearing wastewater of soap industry 64  
    Guliyev H.M., Ghazanfari S. The perspectives of use underground waters as alternative sources energy at the Azerbaijan 71  
    Tekin A., Safarov J., Shahverdiyev A. Vapour pressure of working agents of alternative energy resources 78  
    Farrokh-Fattahi, Ali-Zeraatparvar, Naser-Tabatabei, Hashimov A.M. Transforming legacy energy management system (EMS) modules into reusable components: a case study 85  
    Ahad Kazemi, Mostafa Sarlak, Mojtaba Barkhordary. An adaptive noise canceling approach theory based single-phase unified power quality conditioner 91  
    Kerimov A.M., Afanov R.R. Relation of the parameters of roaming current circuits of the underground structures 104  
    Mamedov A.I., Aliyev E.Y. The simplify new numerical method of calculation in the main oil pipelines 111  
    Musayev Z.N. Driving device for the starter- generator of an onboard electrical network 120  
    Mamedov T.M. Method of differential transformations at calculation of transients in electric circuits 125  
    Rustamov N.Yu., Piriyeva N.M. Harmony criteria of transformers 131  
    Professor Balametov Ashraf Balamet ogli 137  
    Professor Kalbaliyev Faig Isfandiar ogli 138  
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