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      Power Engineering, 2007, 3

    Ramazanov K.N., Salimova A.K. About one method of decision-making in conditions of uncertainty of the initial information 3  
    Huseynov A.M. Evaluation of degree of different factors influence on synchronous dynamic stability electrical power system ( EPS ) 13  
    Farhadzadeh E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z., Rafiyeva T.K. Models of durability of equipment and devices installations power block 26  
    Sadigov G.S. Calculation of currents of three-phase short circuit in electric systems 34  
    Ibrahimov N.Sh. Method of specifying the quality and quantity indexes of Na-cation exchange plant sewage water 41  
    Latifov Y.I., Alizadeh A.S., Manafov Sh. M., Panahova G.M. Few waste technologies of processing of water NaCl-ion exchange both their economic and ecological expediency. 47  
    Mehdizadeh R.N., Akhmedov E.N., Rzaeva S. . Application of nonequilibrium electrical discharges in chemical reactions, its features and prospects 52  
    Gurbanov E.D., Kuzhekin I.P., Hashimov A.M., Bondyakov A.S. Physical processes in solid gases under influence of high voltage nanosecond pulses 58  
    Afanov R.R. Obtaining of coupling coefficient for circulating currents parameters 66  
    Kyazym-zade A.G., Agayeva A.A., Salmanov V.M. Hole transport in oxadiazole derivative 70  
    Salamov O. M., Garibov A.A., Sultanova K. D., Mustafayeva R. M. The thermochemical conversion of solar energy into chemical energy of burning gases mixture 75  
    Kerimov M.A., Salmanova F.A., Rzayev P.F. Calculation of a thermal mode of hot water supply installation with antifreeze based heat exchangers 85  
    Alekperov A.A. Economic informatics as a means of bringing closer economy and electronic business 91  
    Pashayev A.M., fndiyev O.Z., Mmdov A.I., zizov R.R. The computer modelling calculation on dynamic prosesses of the consequent transfer conditions of oil production main product conductors with pumping 96  
    Balametov .B., Mamedov S.Q, Aliyev .., Khalilov .., Baxishov E.D. About results of monitoring of losses of electric energy in a distributive electric network 111  
    Mammadov F.I., Guseynov R.A., Ahmadova A.Sh. About research the dunamics of single-phase vibrating activator of electromagnetic type 119  
    Saidov R.A. Research of heating of the submersible electric motors in three-phase and single-phase condenser modes 125  
    Mohammad Javad Okhrawi Performance analysis of a single phase self-excited induction generator driven by photovoltaic (PV) system for low power isolated stand-alone applications 129  
    Aliev M.I. Studying of atmospheres turbidity condition over Caspian Sea 136  
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