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      Power Engineering, 2008, 1

    Ramazanov K.N., Salimova A.K. Forecasting of generation capacity of the power system by using of the method of international comparison 3  
    Bayramov N.M. Analyses of conditions and the offer on steady development in power sectors 8  
    Mustafayev R.I., Hassanova L.H. Methods of operation modes study of wind power plants with asynchronous generators under variable - frequency control 15  
    Balametov A.B., Mamedov S.Q., Aliev H.T., Halilov E.D., Baxishov E.D. The technique of an estimation of losses of energy by imitating modelling of schedules of electric loadings in distributive networks 28  
    Aliyev Kh.. Modelling of schedules electric loadings characteristics for calculations of energy losses 36  
    Kazami ., Davari S.A. A reference detection algorithm for series active power filters, aimed at current harmonics and reactive power compensation 44  
    Ahundov I.S. Detection of the incorrect data at calculations of the established modes on the general level of losses of capacity and their derivatives 51  
    Suleymanli L.E. Calculation of electrical systems steady rejims with generating nodes given in - form 59  
    Farhadzadeh E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z., Rafiyeva T.K., Nazirova U.K. Design procedure of indexes reliability steam-turbine plants of state district power station 65  
    Aliyev A.F. Use of waste heat of condensers for heating the clarified water in technology of preparation of water of power stations 72  
    Iskandarov R.N., Quliyev H.M., Bakshiyev A.B., Qazanfari S. Dependence cyclical performances of cooler from its operation regime 76  
    Hasanov E.R., Ganbarova Sh.G. Conditions of energy radiation from extrinsic semiconductors 83  
    Rustamov N.J., Ibragimova O.B., Pirieva N.M. To calculation of active resistance three-winding transformers 88  
    Aliev A.A. Electret condition in polymer and polymeric mixture 94  
    Kuzhekin I, Kurbanov E. Pulsed discharge in water 103  
    Muradov A. H. Investigation of contact of high ohmic semiconductor probe with the helium discharge plasma 106  
    Kucuku M., Nurubeyli Z., Baraj B., Bocari D. Dependence of some preservatives absorbance with calibration curve method and additives standards methods by spectrophotometer 111  
    Shakhbazov Sh.J., Usubov I.M. The getting of electric energy in the wind compressor mechanism 119  
    Mammadov F.I., Huseynov R.A., Alieva N.O. To the question of the analysis of electric circuits with the allocated parameters 123  
    Mamedov H.A., Nasirov Sh.N. The accident condition in traction substation and abolish them using the algorithm 129  
    Akhundov S.A., Imanov S.V., Lazimov T.M. Azerbaijan research experience on influence of circuit-breakers characteristics on switching processes 136  
    Saidov R.A. Research of refusals submersible of electropump installations on the basis of gathering and processings of information 141  
    Abbasov R.M. Electromagnetic filtration of sewage with account of the factor ozone 146  
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