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      Power Engineering, 2008, 4

    Hashimov A.M., Fattahi F., Rahmanov R.N. Impact of distributed generation with gas-turbine power plant on operation of power system 3  
    Yusifbeyli N.A., Nasibov V.X., Alizade R.R. Estimation of the cost of the system services on maintenance of the power reserve in Azerbaijani power system 9  
    Salimova A.K. Some matters of problems dataware by demand management on electric energy 17  
    Rashtchizadeh A.K., Hashimov A.M., Rahmanov N.R., Ahmedova S.T. Genetic algorithm for optimal distributed generation sitting and sizing to reduce power losses and improve voltage profile 24  
    Pashayev A.M., Efendiev O.Z., Mamedov .I. The devolopment theory of operation calculus for numerical simulation of transient processes in complex electrical systems with concentrated parameters 32  
    Guliyev H.B. Methodical singularities of account and measurement of power in circuits with a nonlinear load 46  
    Kazemi A., Najafi M. Coordination of pss and facts damping controllers in large power systems for dynamic stability improvement 53  
    Abdullayev Y.R, Kerimzade E.S, Mamedova E.V. The power formula for calculation of electromagnetic force taking into account complex magnetic resistance 59  
    Mehdizadeh R.N. Stabilization of degradation processes in composite film varistors by its electrodischarge modifying 63  
    Huseynova G.A., Seidov N.M. Dielectrical qualities of cable oils on the basis of hydrogenated oliqomers of propylene 68  
    Rasoul Nezhad Hossein, Hasanov E.R. Energy radiation in external electric field by impurity semiconductor 73  
    Rzayev G.R. Quality improvement for designing of hiqh voltage induction installations by means of multifactorial experiment method 77  
    Mammadov F.I., Huseynov R.A., Yusifov R.A. Definition traction forces of the three-phase vibrating device with low mechanical frequency 83  
    Garadagi A.E. Rated-experimental research oscillating processes on intersystem connection air line wires-330 kV "KHACHMAZ-DERBENT" 88  
    Hassanov Z.A., Aliev E.S., Vezirov F.Kh. An experimental study of the induction rheostat 95  
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