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      Power Engineering, 2002, 4

    Veliyev L.Kh-M. From a scientific treasure of Nizami Ganjav. 3  
    Husseinov A.M., Yussifov N.A. A problem of condition reliability providing of energy system in condition of development and transition to market economy. 10  
    Balametov A.B., Musakhanova G.S., Xalilov E.D. About of the electrical networks modes optimization on voltage and reactive power by the method of sequential linearization. 16  
    Farhadzade E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z., Nikjoy A.D. Definition of residual service life elements of electroinstallations at decreasing speeds their deterioration. 25  
    Mustafaev R.I., Mironov G.A., Mironov R.G. Seasonal dependence of power consumption. 31  
    Abdullayev K.M., Agamaliyev M.M., Dadasheva O.O. About prospects of preparation of additional water of TES boiler and heat network from mineralized waters with application by reverse osmoses. 40  
    Jalilov M.F. The new effective technology of preparing of additional water at heat power halls. 50  
    Feyzieva G.H. The effective and ecologically pure preparation techniques of additional water for heat supply system. 55  
    Kurbanov ╠.└., Shakhtakhtinsky M.G., Izzatov B.╠., Aliev Q.Q. Piezorezistive properties of polymer-compounds of rare-earth elements composite system. 58  
    Gurbanov K.B. Electrophysical processes on the gas ľ solid body border. 63  
    Mursalov T.M., Mamedov N.A., Jabarov J. N. Quantum-mechanical calculation of electronic structure of the ozone molecule. 72  
    Shakhtakhtinsky Ď.I. Akhmedov E.N. Electrical insulation properties of grafted copolymer of low density linear polythene to the acril nitril. 76  
    Hassanov H. G., Aliyev A. A. Relaxation of fluid velocity under electric field action. 80  
    Binnatli Q.H., Aliev S.S., Aliev S.A. The influence of ele˝tronic irradiation on a temperature coefficient of linear expansion of invare alloys. 86  
    Azizov N.D., Zeynalova A.B. Gibbs energy activation of viscous flow in aqueous solution nitrates of barium and calcium. 88  
    MammÓdov F.H., Muradov P.C. Optimization of length of the data package at data transfer in the computer network. 93  
    Senol I., Demirtas M., Rustemov S.A. Position control of induction motor with bounded sliding mode controler. 97  
    Gasanli SH.M., Guseynov E.K. Vibroacoustical diagnostics of machines and mechanisms of rotor type. 105  
    Lazimov T.M. On variational equations of electrical circuit with monochrom currents. 110  
    Mamedov F.I., Mamedzade R.K. Researching of the distributing the power in the support firm of some mechanic defects of metallic support of ETL. 115  
    Mohammad Reza Banaei, Seyed Hossein Hosseini. Multilevel converter based on hysteresis current control for speed control of induction motor with field oriented control. 123  
    Seidaliyev I.M. The calculation of magnet circuit of electromechanical thickness converter. 131  
    NizamoV.T.I. Ozonizer with pulse-periodic supply. 140  
    Anniversary ľ Professor Gumral ľ Rena Zeki gizi Kazimzadeh. 146  
    Necrologie ľ Professor Latif Khindi ľ Mamed oglu Aliyev. 147  
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