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      Power Engineering, 2003, 1

    Veliyev L.Kh-M. From a scientific treasure of Nizami Ganjavi. 3  
    Yusifov N. A. Regime reliability evaluation of energy system in view of 400 MW combined cycle power unit commissioning at “Shimal” PP/CC. 9  
    Hashimov A.M., Safarov N.A., Madatov R.S., Ahmadov G.M. Calculation method and results of electricity production by solar photoelectrical devices for the Azerbaijan climatic regions and zones. 20  
    Mustafayev R.I., Abdulkadirov A.I. The application of synchronized asynchronous generator in wind-energetic set. 28  
    Manusov V.Z., Mogilenko A.V., Kostromin V.P. Evaluation and prediction of electic energy demand using fuzzy regression analysis. 33  
    Musakhanova G.S. Optimization of power systems regimes using method of approximating programming taking into account the discreteness of variable. 40  
    Suleymanli L.E. Definition of limiting resistance of radial networks on the loading stability. 47  
    Babayeva S. Sh. An investigation of heating processes in heating exchange equipment. 51  
    Aliev N.D., Ramasanova Z.E. An improvement of heating scheme for using of low potential heat of HPS. 56  
    Kerimov M.K., Abbasov Sh.M., Agaverdiyeva K.T., Gasimov G.M., Baithar A.S., Luthik N.Yu. Methods of preparation and structure of thin films of Ge(1-x)Six solid solutions. 61  
    Mekhtizadeh R. N., Akhmedov E. N. The mechanism of electrodischarge synthesis of polyethylene’s graft copolymer. 69  
    Lutphalibekova A.E. Influence of anisotropic pressure on the silicon MOS-structure. 73  
    Gurbanov K.B. Analysis of the processes occuring on the surface of dielectric materials subjected to action of electric discharges. 78  
    Huseynov N.E. Multi-piezoelement converter of piezoelektromechanotron movement. 84  
    Mohammad-Hussein M. Hekmat-Shur, Mehdiyeva S.I., Akberov H.K. Influence of pressure on transition characteristics of the diode structures. 88  
    Aliyev B. Z. The secondary electronic emission of single-crystal wolfram and molybdenum. 91  
    Naziev Y.M., Humbatov A.M., Hasanov A.S. Method of comparative account warmth conductivity of liquid binary mixes NONEN-1 with n.hexane at high pressure. 95  
    Azizov N. J., Imanov SH. U. Partial molar volumes of electrolyte in LiNO3-C2H5OH-H2O. 98  
    Bashirov M.M. Heat capacity of methanol and n undecanol alcohols mutual solutions at high pressures. 102  
    Agamaliyev M.M., Nasibov A.H., Mamedbekova R.H., Djavadova X.A. Prevention SO4 in installations thermal desalination of sea water. 107  
    Mamedyarov O. S., Rakhmanov N. R. Assessment and regulation of consumed reactive electric energy price and power quality. 113  
    Babayeva N.R. Analysis of regime of neutral of electric circuit of energy supply of steel-smelting furnace. 120  
    Mammadov F.I., Huseynov R.A., Hajiyev N.I. Definition of parameters three-phase electromagnetic vibroactivator having magnetic asymmetry. 126  
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