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      Power Engineering, 2006, 3-4

    Academician Guliyev Nariman Agagulu oglu 3  
    Mamedyarov O.S., Zarbieva N.F. Technique of a choice optimum factors of transformation in power lines of power supply systems 4  
    Farhadzadeh E.M., Muradaliyev A.Z.,. Rafiyeva T.K. Farzaliyev Y.Z. Forecasting of volume repair on data about deterioration object . 11  
    Ajami A., Hosseini S.H. A novel structure of UPQC to control power quality problems in electric power systems . 17  
    Balametov Å.À. About comparison of models distribution of streams of energy in electrical networks. 26  
    Babayeva N.R. The analysis algorithm of high-frequency overstrain at use of frequency-depended resistor in commutation chain . 32  
    Akhundov B.S. Methods of eliminating excessive fault levels when introducing modular stations in the Azerbaijan power supply system . 38  
    Kalbaliev F.I., Ramazanova Z.E., Cafarov M.H., Bagirov K.A. Influence of steam - gaz installation with capacity of 400 MW, established on the “Simal” GRES, on the work of “Azerenerji “ joint stock venture 45  
    Ahmedova D.A., Mamedbekova R.Q., Djavadova X.A. Research of the some feature reverse osmosis technologies of desalination saltish waters at preparation of heat electrical stations’ additional water 55  
    Gurbanov E.D., Hashimov A.M., Gurbanov K.B., Bondyakov A.S., Huseynli A.Y. Explorations of the characteristics and structure of nanosecond pulsed discharges in air 60  
    Hekmat-Shoar M.H., Hasanli Sh.M., Mehdizadeh R.N. Some electrophysical characteristics of zinc oxide bazed varistors 67  
    Abdinov A.Sh., Babaeva R.F., Bagirova A.T., Rzaev R.M., Allahverdiev Sh.A. Photoconductivity of p-GaSe effective materials for solar energetics and optoelectronics, doped by rare-earth elements 72  
    Isayev A.I., Mekhtiyeva S.I., Akberov H.K., Jalilov N.Z., Alekperov R.I. Electrophysical processes in injection diodes 77  
    Mohammad Javad Okhrawi. Solar pv- hydrogen as a cleanest and renewable fuel for the future 81  
    Mamedov F.H., Jafarof Z.A. Definition of loading in intellectual networks 88  
    Mammadov F.I., Huseynov R.A., Amraliyev A.B. Research of transients in the three-phase vibrational installation with low mechanical frequency 92  
    Agayev A.D., Bayramov M.P. Increasing reliability of reinforced foundation of iron supports, snitch of lines situated in aggressive regions of absheron peninsula 97  
    Mamedov A.I., Aliyev I.Y. Numerical method calculation of transient processes in the inhomogeneous system of boring elektrik drive with distributed parameters 102  
    Khalilov C. S., Aliyev V. T. Consumers eleñtrical installations operating rules and safety regulations provided consumers electrical installations operation 109  
    Suleymanli L.E. About an error of loading stability calculation by the practical criterion dQ/dU 112  
    Shahbazov Sh.D., Usubov I.M. Multi-role windcompressed installation 116  
    Sultanov R. Z. Comparative analyses of current – limited node scheme in the automatic control systems of direct current electric drives 121  
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